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What is Google adsense?

If you look at the internet a few years ago, you'll see that advertising was done in a very similar way to other types of media like television. When you visit the website, at some point you will see banners (often these were numerous and very large) introducing and promoting each company paying to advertise in the space. I was.
However, there was a problem with this kind of advertising. They didn't really take advantage of the fact that the ad wasn't published in any newspaper and was presented via the internet. You probably noticed a lot of these things in the pages you browsed. If you browse the online store and look for a watch, you will see a banner advertising the car. You may want to buy a car later, but you are looking for a watch now. I wish the banner had a clock ad like you probably clicked. Well, the people at Google were thinking about it too, so they came up with a great idea. This is called Google AdSense, a targeted advertising program.
What you (web designer/site owner) do is allocate screen real estate instead of jumping through hoops to put banners on your site that visitors don't care about.
He then signs up for the Google AdSense program, pastes a small snippet of code into his web page, and Google displays banners where you specify, showing ads related to your site's content. For Google, this is pretty straightforward because Google is a search engine company. Look for keywords on the page and search the website's database to find something related to the content of the page's targeted advertising.
You (the webmaster) receive a fee for each visitor who clicks on her AdSense banner on your website. Because people are actually interested in what the banner is about (otherwise they wouldn't come to your site, would they?).
But it also works wonders for people who want to advertise. And for the same reason. The biggest advantage of Google AdSense is that all content within the banner is relevant. This relevance is the key to the program's success and the reason everyone stays happy to get. Of course, as always, Google sets high standards when it comes to the look and functionality of its AdSense program. You may not have more than one such banner on your site. Google just inserts text into these banners.
So an added benefit is that AdSense ads are less intrusive than regular ads. However, this also means that banners need to be better placed as visitors may miss them.
Ultimately, Google AdSense is an advertising program of its own, as ads are related to website content. If you want to run ads, Google covers the costs. Anyone who wants to advertise on their website does so through AdSense which is paid for by Google. All transactions are processed through Google, giving advertisers and publishers access to statistics to help them understand and manage

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